Data Analytics: why so much hype?

Do you know any people who have chosen their profession based on their parents' advice? Have you ever noticed that this way of building a career doesn’t work anymore?

Students graduate from universities, having no idea how to use their knowledge in real life. And spend months trying to find the job that suits them. Some experts even claim that 40% of current positions will be replaced by robots by 2030. And 69% of managers will have to give way to Artificial Intelligence during the next 3-5 years.

Entering IT is one of the best ways to get ready for these changes. However, developer and programmer positions require a little more skills and are harder to achieve. Data Analytics is the most open industry in IT. To enter it, you don’t have to code and spend years on studying. There are 3 more reasons to start your career path in IT with Big Data:

1. One of the top-10 positions in IT

Data Analyst is the starting position in the field. To master it, you need 6 months, a computer and a good teacher. The next one is Data Scientist. Moving from one to another takes 1-2 years. Both are the most searched by job candidates — they take 32% search results from all IT positions.

2. High salary from the start

Even a fresher in IT earns about 5 lakhs — 60% more than an average salary in India. While you gain knowledge, experience, and recommendations, your wage is getting bigger.

3. Entry with any background

You don’t need maths and coding skills to start studying and working as a Data Analyst. People come to this industry from different fields and become professionals really fast.

In Coding Invaders you can finish the Data Analytics course in 8 months and find a job just after graduation. 83% of students get their job offer within 3 months after course completion. Skills that you master on the course are 100% suitable for what employers look for.

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