We started the IT academy with an ambitious mission — to help 1 million Indians build a career in IT. We’ve already founded an online school in Europe from scratch and led it to 20,000 happy students.

With us, you will get a job where your skills can’t be ignored!
Alexander Eroshkin
Alexander Turilin
happy students
20 000

How we teach you

From scratch
Based on real business cases
1-1 mentoring any time
20-25 students in a batch
Programs are created by experts from

These are our three main principles of training

Though courses are online, we gather some times a month to discuss the topics and have fun. Make new contacts that may bring you to your dream career!
During every course, you will work on 10 group projects. Your mates change every time. Learn to collaborate, share experience and prove your ideas
Group work
Every course is job-oriented. It looks like a simulator: you get access to the platform with a virtual boss, colleagues, business cases, and even KPI.

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Meeting of our team and students

Our team
Join us, work on real job tasks, and get ready for a future IT career!