5 skills that will help a fresher get the first job

Analysts say that some non-tech professions — from cashier to dispatcher, — will disappear during the next 10-20 years. While IT positions are always in-demand. Indian business services provider Quess found out that the number of open tech positions has grown by 22%.

At the same time, hiring companies claim that the country lacks at least 2 lakhs of qualified IT specialists. If we take soft skills into account, we’ll see that employers want an employee who’s creative, flexible, and communicable. But what are the most sought-after hard skills now? Let us figure out.

1. Python

The second most in-demand programming language in 2021. It is a universal tool that will help you get a job in every IT-company. Python developers create websites and apps that we use everyday.

It is also the best language for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence industries. A lot of chatbots are based on Python. As AI is one of the future top fields, learning Python is going to be prospective for a long time.

2. Data Science and Data Analysis

If in the 00s and the early 10s it was popular to become a developer, now learning Big Data will bring you to success. Data Scientist and Data Analyst are among the top-10 most in-demand IT positions.

Indian companies even set aside a special budget for analytics — which is 7% of the whole company’s resources. Now industry leaders believe that Data Analytics will increase by 16% until 2025 and will reach the $75 bn mark.

3. Data Visualization

A field closely related to the previous one. Data Analyst works on gathering data, structuring it, and making conclusions. A Data Visualization specialist makes the results visible. They visually signify the data and help businesses make data-based decisions.

If Data Analyst and Data Scientist belong to the tech community, this specialist is more sought-after among marketers and sales managers.

4. QA testing

No doubt — the easiest way to enter IT. This specialist looks for bugs and mistakes in new websites and apps. Developers receive this information and correct mistakes, so users can enjoy apps without any problems.

QA engineer was also considered as the second happiest job. You know why? This profession lets you work remotely, earn more than average, and be always in-demand.

5. HTML, CSS, and Javascript

JavaScript is the most sought-after programming language in 2021. About 70% of IT job positions require this skill. Along with HTML and CSS — markup languages, — they make the main tools for a Frontend developer. This person creates the visible part of websites. They are responsible for usability and the first impression of the site. More than 30000 front end developer vacancies are open on naukri.com.

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