Automation Test Engineer from scratch
Take the easiest route into IT and become an Automation Test Engineer within 8 months.
8 months
Oct 3rd
We provide end-to-end assistance from starting a career in IT as an Automation tester with 0 knowledge to further support in building a career pathway in Tech.
You will study Testing Fundamentals in a Simulator format with industry projects and a full live support.
100% JOB
i don't know how to get relevant skills and start a great career in IT
Got an action plan to climb next career ladder to Business Analyst in IT
Moved from Sales to IT as an Automation engineer
I got Certification in Automation testing
Testing is one of the fastest paths to start career in IT
About Profession
Creates and runs functional and API tests
Creates test reports for
management and programmers
Develops frameworks to simplify automation
What does a QA Engineer do?
In simple terms, testers are responsible for the quality of a website, software, or application. QA Engineer:
Why QA Automation?
Testing is much easier than software development. It will not be difficult for even an unexperienced specialist to understand the principles of work
The fastest way to start a career in IT
successfully make the transition to the next level and move to IT professions, such as Software developer, DevOps, Business Analyst, Scrum master, Project manager etc.
Testers can
The demand for testers is very high
any team strives to release a quality product without bugs
At the same time, the salary is comparable
to that of Front-end and Back-end specialists
You can start working as a Manual tester
in 2 months after training without technical knowledge
Сareer path for a graduate
of automation testing course
after 2 months
Finished Manual Testing Part
after 3 months
Started working
as Manual tester
after 3 months
Continue studying Automation tools
after 8 months
Got Certification
in Automation testing
after 1 year
Moved from Manual tester to QA automation engineer
after 2-3 years
Software developer
Project manager
Scrum master
Business Analyst
Started Automation Testing with 0 knowledge
after 2-3 years
QA lead
Сareer path for a graduate
of automation testing course
This course is for you if:
You do not have coding experience, but want to get a quick start in IT career
You are a fresher and seeking some real-world experience in IT world
You want to get real skills, and not just a certificate
You want to switch your career from Sales, Finance, Marketing...ANY field, and get a new profession
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How It works
Our goal is to bring you to the Result in gaining real hard and soft skills in Testing
How does the program work?
You will become a part of a Simulator
Access 1000+ assignments, 30+ capstone projects and real business cases developed
by industry experts from companies like Amazon, Deloitte, Philips, Zee TV and many more
3 live sessions a week
You will have
Ask questions from Mentors with industry knowledge
1-1 mentorship
You will be able to become a part of a strong community and expand your Network. We want to create an open environment where students of all batches want to see each other succeed
Strong alumni community
You will have a powerful Career Track including live mock technical interviews with industry experts & live sessions with career coaches
Career track
Learning coordinators track each student’s success and progress to help a student to complete the course and not drop it in the middle
Personal Support by Learning coordinator
The Automation Testing Specialization is a comprehensive 8-month program.
What will I know after completing this course?
Manual software testing
Automate company projects
Learn 10+ testing tools:
Master JavaScript and Java
Master Selenium WebDriver for functional testing
Master the popular REST API automation libraries
Get the knowledge you need in Maven, JUnit, and Jenkins
Learn to test databases with PostgreSQL and basic SQL queries
Learn Python for testing
What Is Inside
Access assignments
to comlete
projects and business cases
Why Coding Invaders?
This course is not only tool focused, but Career focused. Our Career development track will help you to map out your IT career and prepare for a job market.
Simulator format with a full live support
Learning through practice:
exercises and industry projects
After 2 months of studying you can get a job as Manual tester while continuing studying Automation tools
Compare us
Simulation at Coding Invaders
Other online schools
Simulator based learning in a controlled environment
Live sessions
Recorded theory
Applied skills after the course
Personalized help from Mentors
Personal Learning coach
Cases in portfolio
Group cases with batch mates
Tools focused
Career focused
Other schools
Coding Invaders
Simulator based learning in a controlled environment
Live sessions
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Recorded theory
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Applied skills after the course
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Personalized help from Mentors
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Personal Learning coach
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Cases in portfolio
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Group cases with batch mates
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Tools focused
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Career focused
Coding Invaders
Other schools
PART 1. Manual testing
1 Introduction to testing
Why is testing necessary? What Are the Different Types of Testing? What are various testing activities?
2 Test design
Test design techniques. Testing Artifacts (RUP). Test design techniques. Testing Artifacts (RUP).
3 Bug reports
JIRA and the establishment of bug reports. How to correctly describe bug reports, the life cycle of a task and a bug in a project.
4 Testing practice
Testing web interfaces, HTML & CSS & DOM, Chrome Dev Tools, element locators on the page, plugins useful for testing
5 Testing practice
API types, testing REST API, curl, different types of requests, viewing API requests in the Network tab of the browser
PART 2. Programming for QA
6 Let's start programming
Introduction to the Python language, installing the interpreter and dependencies, basic data types and basic language constructs (loops and branches)
7 Functions and classes
Test design techniques. Testing Artifacts (RUP). Test design techniques. Testing Artifacts (RUP).
8 Basic algorithms
Sorting algorithms, string operations, basic standard language functions and their application, reading and writing to a file
9 PyTest
PyTest test framework - writing and running the first simple tests, analyzing failed tests
PART 3. Automation QA
10 REST API Writing tests for REST API
Remembering the REST API. Installing and basic features of the requests library, creating the first tests for the service API
11 Test design for REST API Test design for REST API
Test design for REST API services, advanced features of the requests library
12 Creating tests for web interfaces
Installing dependencies and managing the browser using Selenium. Basic interactions with elements on the page
13 Selenium features
Element locators and element search with Selenium. Waiting for an element on the page. Writing autotests for a website, executing JS scripts in the browser and other Selenium features (scrolling a page, clicking an element using JS, removing an element from a page)
14 Page Object
The Page Object pattern and how Smart PageObject works. Writing More Complex Tests
15 SQL for testers
Get familiar with PostgreSQL and basic SQL queries. Learn to test databases.
PART 4. Career development
16 Career review
Audit your career and skills.
17 Career plan
Map out Career path
18 Pack your profile
Power pack your resume
19 Job hunting
Learn how to search and apply for vacancies
20 Interview strategies
Prepare for an interview
Your skills after completing the course
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