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In the next 12 months you are going to master Python, JavaScript, React.js, HTML and CSS. The program is self-paced: you can study in your own time and schedule. One module will take you around 10-12 hours a week, so you can easily combine learning with your current job. But don’t forget about weekly live sessions and task deadlines!
Your journey on the course
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Course structure
Term 1
Midterm exam 1
Term 2
Midterm exam 2
Term 3

  • Industry tools
  • Career development
Final exam
Before we begin
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Development tools
Module 1 Front End
→ JavaScript
→ React
Module 2 Back End
→ Python
→ Django
Module 3 Databases
→ SQL (PostgreSQL)
→ MongoDB
Module 4 Industry Basics
→ Industry Basics
→ Algorithms
→ Data structures
→ Network protocols
Module 5 Industry Tools
→ Docker
→ Git
→ RestAPI
Front End
Back End
Career track
CV, LinkedIn enhancing
Git Portfolio
Mock interviews
Let your journey to the IT world begin!