The Data Analyst Profession:
from scratch
to Employment
Become a Data Analyst by learning directly from Instructors working in Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.
8 months
13th Feb
We provide end-to-end assistance, from learning basic analytical tools to further support in building a career.
You will study Data Analytics in a Simulator format with industry projects and a full live support.
100% JOB
i don't know how to get relevant skills and start a great career in IT
Got an action plan to climb next career ladder to Business Analyst
Moved from Sales to IT as a Data Analyst
I got Certification in Data Analytics
Data analytics is one of the most in-demand professions of the 21st century
About Profession
Processes and interprets big data
Suggests how to optimize business processes
Visualizes the results
What does a Data Analyst do?
A data analyst is a professional who works with data to extract valuable insights from it. Data Analyst:
Why Data Analytics?
Because the world is completely data-driven, companies are investing great capital in data analytics and specialists who can manage these processes.
The world of big data is a multidisciplinary field that requires people from a variety of backgrounds to work together.
Entry with any experience
Job conditions
Opportunity to work in big companies in India and worldwide
Competitive wage
The average salary for a fresher is ₹500,000 per annum
The Demand is very high

Business need Data Analysts to make the right decisions
Data analyst career path
Marketing Аnalyst
Business Analyst
Financial Analyst
1-3 years
Junior analyst
4-5 years
Team lead
6 years
Chief Data Officer
8 months
Learning data analytics from scratch
Data Scientist
Data Data analytics consultant
Data analyst career path
This course is for you if:
You do not have coding experience, but want to get a quick start in IT career
You are a fresher and seeking some real-world experience in IT world
You want to get real skills, and not just a certificate
You want to switch your career from Sales, Finance, Marketing...ANY field, and get a new profession
Get consultation
Ask our manager any questions about this course.
How It works
Our goal is to bring you to the Result in gaining real hard and soft skills in Data Analytics
How does the program work?
You will become a part of a Simulator
Access 1500+ assignments, 30+ capstone projects and real business cases developed by industry experts from companies like Amazon, Deloitte, Philips, Zee TV and many more
3 live sessions a week
You will have
Ask questions from Mentors with industry knowledge
1-1 mentorship
You will be able to become a part of a strong community and expand your Network. We want to create an open environment where students of all batches want to see each other succeed
Strong alumni community
You will have a powerful Career Track including live mock technical interviews with industry experts & live sessions with career coaches
Career track
Learning coordinators track each student's success and progress to help a student to complete the course and not drop it in the middle
Personal Support by Learning coordinator
The Data Analytics Specialization is a comprehensive 8-month program.
What will I know after completing this course?
Google sheets
Power BI

What Is Inside
Access assignments
to complete
projects and business cases
Why Coding Invaders?
This course is not only tool focused, but Career focused. Our Career development track will help you to map out your career and prepare for a job market
Simulator format with a full live support
Learning through practice:
exercises and industry projects
After 2 months of studying you can get a job as Manual tester while continuing studying Automation tools
Compare us
Simulation at Coding Invaders
Other online schools
Live sessions and recorded theory
Simulator based learning
Solving real business cases individually and in groups
24/7 help from your personal mentor
Cases in portfolio
Employment and career help
Other schools
Coding Invaders
Live sessions and recorded theory
Simulator based learning
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Solving real business cases individually and in groups
Coding Invaders
Other schools
24/7 help from your personal mentor
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Cases in portfolio
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Employment and career help
Coding Invaders
Other schools
Google Sheets
Module 1. Basics
  • Basics
  • Preparation
  • Formatting 
  • Calculation
  • Automate
Module 2. Functions
  • IF 
Module 3. Pivot tables and dashboards
  • Introduction to Pivot Tables
  • Analyzing data using pivot table
  • Putting it all together
  • Create reports for a retail store brand 
  • Group project for video content platform
Module 1. Operators and Queries
  • Introduction to SQL and its terminology
  • Basics
  • Working with Operators
  • Working with Strings & Datetime
  • Mastering complex SQL Queries with basic statements
Module 2. Advanced Queries
  • Aggregate functions
  • HAVING clause
  • SQL Joins
  • Sub Queries
Module 3. Advanced functions
  • Windows functions
  • Project for an investment bank
  • Project for YouTube video trends
Midterm exam 1
Module 1. Basics
  • Intro to statistics
  • Central tendency, variance
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Types of Probability Distribution
Module 2. Data and hypothesis
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Hypothesis testing (parametric tests)
  • Chi square test and 1 way ANOVA
  • Project for a bank
Power BI
Module 1. Setup and dashboards
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Connecting to data sources and Creating basic charts and visuals
  • Cleansing data with Query Editor
  • Creating Report by combining all visuals
  • Types of Visuals in Power BI
  • Managing Relationships between Tables in Power BI
  • Addition of New columns using Power Query
  • Transforming Columns in Query Editor
Module 2. Modeling and Optimization
  • Modeling and Optimization
  • Customisations
  • Interactions
  • Introduction to DAX
  • Project for a Finance department of a company 
  • Project on supply chain domain to optimize the supply and profit
Midterm exam 2
Module 1. Operators and functions
  • Introduction
  • Installation 
  • Basic operators
  • Brief on Jupyter notebook
  • Data types, variables, and Numbers
  • Strings
  • List
  • Conditional statements if/else
  • Looping
  • Functions
Module 2. Arrays
  • Introduction on Numpy
  • Creating arrays
  • Indexing arrays
  • Array Transposition
  • Shape manipulation
  • Conditional Selection
  • Array Operations
  • Broadcasting
Module 3. Datasets and dataframes
  • Introduction to pandas
  • Reading local data set
  • How to read data files from pandas
  • How to write data using Pandas
  • Creating dataframe
  • Playing with Rows and columns of dataframe
  • Filters and operations using dataframe
  • Handling missing values using Pandas
  • Usage of apply function in pandas
  • Aggregate data in Pandas
  • Merge operation on dataframes
Module 4. Plots and charts
  • Introduction to Matplotlib
  • Basics of Matplotlib figure
  • Creating Line Plots
  • Adding texts to plots
  • Adding legend
  • Adding labels
  • Applying different styles
  • Subplots
  • Scatter Plot
  • Bar chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Histogram
  • Heat map
  • Plotting Curves
  • Brief on visualization python libraries
  • Project for a Global Health
  • Project for a Fleet Maintenance
Final exam
Career development
Module 1. CV and Portfolio
  • CV preparation 
  • LinkedIn profile 
  • Portfolio
Module 2. Mock interviews and job search
  • Interview preparation 
  • Job search and application
Your skills after completing the course
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