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Program overview

Key highlights

350+ hours of learning
100+ hours of Live sessions
1500+ graded assignments
30+ capstone projects
10 group business cases
Certificate admitted by Indian and world IT companies
10 hours/week of learning

Tools covered

Complete assignments as if you were an analyst in the Indian IT company
Master tools in an IT company simulator
Along with assignments, they take 70% of your studying time
Work with datasets
Complete group projects
Work on 10 business cases with your mates, present results, and build a portfolio
2 midterm exams and the final one

Pass exams
Visit live and career sessions
3 live sessions a week with mentors and 8 career sessions a course

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Google Sheets

Learn to manage Big Data with Google Sheets and present your results to colleagues with any tech background
6 weeks
Block content
1) Basics
  • Preparation
  • Formatting
  • Calculation
  • Automate

2) Functions
  • IF

3) Pivot tables and dashboards
  • Introduction
  • Analyzing data using pivot table
  • Putting it all together

+ 2 group projects


Helps you collect and analyze Big Data held in databases. You unlock information and show business how to use it
7 weeks
Block content
1) Operators and Queries
  • Introduction to SQL and its terminology
  • Basics
  • Working with Operators
  • Working with Strings & Datetime
  • Mastering complex SQL Queries with basic statements

2) Advanced Queries
  • Aggregate functions
  • HAVING clause
  • SQL Joins
  • Sub Queries

3) Advanced functions
  • Windows functions

+ 2 group projects


Find connections in Big Data, work on algorithms and come to unique business conclusions
5 weeks
Block content
1) Basics
  • Intro to statistics
  • Central tendency, variance
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Types of Probability Distribution

2) Data and hypothesis
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Hypothesis testing (parametric tests)
  • Chi square test and 1 way ANOVA

+ 1 group projects

Power BI

This tool provides you with real-time data insights, helps you extract and visualize data
6 weeks
Block content
Setup and dashboards
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Connecting to data sources and Creating basic charts and visuals
  • Cleansing data with Query Editor
  • Creating Report by combining all visuals
  • Types of Visuals in Power BI
  • Managing Relationships between Tables in Power BI
  • Addition of New columns using Power Query
  • Transforming Columns in Query Editor

2) Modeling and Optimization
  • Modeling and Optimization
  • Customisations
  • Interactions
  • Introduction to DAX

+ 2 group projects


Programming language #1 for Data Analysis. Used for crawling data and constructing algorithms
6 weeks
Block content
1) Operators and functions
  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Basic operators
  • Brief on Jupyter notebook
  • Data types, variables, and Numbers
  • Strings
  • List
  • Conditional statements if/else
  • Looping
  • Functions

2) Arrays
  • Introduction on Numpy
  • Creating arrays
  • Indexing arrays
  • Array Transposition
  • Shape manipulation
  • Conditional Selection
  • Array Operations
  • Broadcasting

3) Datasets and dataframes
  • Introduction to pandas
  • Reading local data set
  • How to read data files from pandas
  • How to write data using Pandas
  • Creating dataframe
  • Playing with Rows and columns of dataframe
  • Filters and operations using dataframe
  • Handling missing values using Pandas
  • Usage of apply function in pandas
  • Aggregate data in Pandas
  • Merge operation on dataframes

4) Plots and charts
  • Introduction to Matplotlib
  • Basics of Matplotlib figure
  • Creating Line Plots
  • Adding texts to plots
  • Adding legend
  • Adding labels
  • Applying different styles
  • Subplots
  • Scatter Plot
  • Bar chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Histogram
  • Heat map
  • Plotting Curves
  • Brief on visualization python libraries

+ 2 group projects

Career Development

Everything you need to get employed — 8 career sessions, CV training, mock job interviews
5 weeks
Block content
  • CV preparation
  • LinkedIn profile

  • Portfolio

  • Interview preparation

  • Job search and application

Your portfolio after the course

Meaningful analysis about trending videos on YouTube
Mastered tool: SQL
Project for YouTube video trends

There will be 7 more projects in your portfolio.
Book a call with our manager and find out the details!

Group work on identifying the procurement trends and minimizing cost impact to the company
Mastered tool: Power BI
Project on supply chain domain
In-depth analysis and visualization of the countries GDP and unemployment data
Mastered tool: Statistics
Project for a bank

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Experience: 0,5 years
Salary: 6 lakhs
  • Uploads, transforms and cleans data using SQL queries
  • Calculates key performance metrics for the company and evaluates their significance
  • Prioritizes hypotheses and chooses the best tools to prove them
  • Automates data processing
  • Shows the received insights in a clear way for business
  • Crawls, cleans, and structures raw data using Python
Junior Data Analyst
Pankaj Sharma
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Your career track

7 lakhs
4-5 years
Analyst Team lead or Data Scientist
5 lakhs
5-8 months
Junior analyst
13 lakhs
6 years
Chief Data Officer
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