Is IT good for me?
How to understand if you should move to IT?
We will ask you questions that will help you make the right choice
Abhishek Anupam

Jutta Jerlich

10+ years of experience in IT
Educator and mentor
15/03, 7 PM
Clear your doubts
Will I be able to learn the tech stuff?
Will my previous experience help?
Does age and gender matter?
Am I good enough for IT?
Abhishek and Jutta will discuss questions you've never been asked before
Abhishek Anupam
Senior Manager - Data Science, Tata 1mg

This is one of the reasons Abhishek is in IT:
"I have a special interest in how data drives modern age enterprises and strategic decision making."
Jutta Jerlich
Educator, Entrepreneurial Mentor

This is one of the reasons Jutta works with IT:
"I love to use my understanding of market needs and technology to setup partnerships that allow each partner to go beyond what they aimed for."
What is your reason to move to IT?
15/03, 7 PM