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This is a universal IT specialist who creates web apps and is responsible for two sides of development — interface and a server part. What tasks do they perform?
Who is a Full Stack Developer?
They cover management in IT. When you are a Full Stack Developer, you control the back and front end, communicate with programmers, and keep the system working.
iOS and Android development is evolving rapidly. So if you can create both a mobile and a web app, you will be indispensable on the market
They create the logic of the system. The back end consists of three components: server, application, and database. Full-Stack Developer maintains all of them.
Back End
They can be experts in design — make visual user interfaces, create web apps and make them aesthetic and easy to use.
Front End
Why Full-Stack is better than just one language
JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and Python are the most in-demand programming languages in 2022. And you can master all of them on the Full Stack Development course. These are 5 more reasons to choose Full-Stack
There’s no need to limit yourself to one language — master the whole package and multiply your career prospects!
Most of the job openings are available for you
The lowest risk of burnout: you always have new tasks and ideas
Ability to work for yourself and launch a business
Easy transitions to other directions
x3 career options: Front End, Back End, and others
These are real Full Stack Development vacancies
After the course, you can apply for any of them!

What opportunities this profession can give you?

You can create the whole project by yourself and replace 3-4 specialists
Master the 4 most sought-after programming languages
Move your career into 3+ possible directions: Data Science, Web or Mobile Development, freelance, and others
Work for the best IT companies all around the world
Have you ever heard of those mythical people who work remote on the beach, always travel, and are never broke? These are developers! Full-Stack Developer is an ideal profession for a remote job and working abroad. 78% of Indian programmers are working for foreign companies. They are respected, paid times more than at home, and have a lot of freedom.
There are even sites where you can see a vacancy especially for Indians abroad!
Full-Stack developer salaries around the world
£ 48 538 (67 653 USD)
$ 102 346 USD
C$ 86 703 (68 743 USD)
Rs 623 319 (8 253USD)
€ 60 995 (73 392 USD)
A$ 105 627 (81 528 USD)
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