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Who is a Data Analyst
This is a specialist who moves business forward by analyzing and interpreting Big Data. What skills do they have?
Python, SQL, Excel, Power BI, Statistics
Hard Skills
Soft Skills
Good communication and ability to cooperate
Practical Skills
Analytical thinking, problem-solving, attention to detail

What do they do?

Present conclusions to the management
Collect, process, and interpret Big Data
Prepare dashboards and analytic reports
Analyze the effectiveness of decisions
Data Analyst vs Data Scientist
Takes 1-2 years to master
Teaches computers to solve problems
Data Scientist
The first step to Data Science
Seeks answers to business questions and solves the problems himself
Data Analyst
What spheres need Data Analysts?
90% of companies will be data-driven by 2030. Data Analyst is needed in every company that wants to grow fast, make smart decisions, and stay in demand. Make sure you can work in any field you dream of!
Recognize patterns and help boost supply chain efficiency
Retail trade
Research people’s shopping habits and learn how to attract customers
Process data and help prevent epidemics and cure diseases
Analyze stock markets and help predict the currency moving
Science and IT
Create chatbots and virtual assistants, become an expert in Artificial Intelligence
These are real Data Analyst vacancies
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You made the right choice — Data Analyst is one of the most sought-after IT positions today.
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