5 ways to boost your career during Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic, perceived as a small obstacle in people’s lives at first, is a reality we live in now. Even though it has been almost two years since it started, some countries still have a lot of COVID case numbers. And some of them — even set lockdowns.

Two years of Pandemic have changed the labour market. People risk making career changes more often. Jobs in service — like restaurants, hotels, taxis — don’t attract as many people as they used to. At the same time, IT and ecommerce are going through big growth. Data industry added more than 2 millions job openings during the last 5 years.

Even though shifting careers may seem dangerous, consultants say — if you ever wanted to change something, now is the right time. So there are 5 tips on how to do it successfully and painlessly.

1. Come up with a plan

Let’s imagine you don’t like your current job and you want to switch to IT. What should be your next step? We recommend you to do some research. Investigate what industries are in-demand now. For example, there are two data-based professions in top-10 IT positions: Data Analyst and Data Scientist. Decide what you like to do, what you already can do, and in what industry you want to develop.

2. Take up an online course

When you found your preferred field, the next step is to get some skills and knowledge. As Big Data is a new field for you, it might be hard to figure things out. In Coding Invaders you can choose between Data Science and Data Analytics.

Both courses are job-oriented. Students learn via simulation, meetings with a personal mentor, and business cases. It helps them get close to the real working process and develop both hard and soft skills.

3. Create a portfolio

Even though there’s a staff shortage in the market, a dream job requires a little more effort than usual. So now you need to create a portfolio — a display with your completed projects, achievements, and best ideas. It should be visible evidence of your abilities and skills. So try to make it descriptive, clear and structured. Update it from time to time to show your employer that you still learn and grow.

4. Find a community

You can’t succeed without people. That’s why the network plays a crucial role in climbing the career ladder. It not only links you with other professionals, but also helps look at your ideas from a different angle.

You can go to Linkedin or Quora and find people in the industry who have the same vision, gain some knowledge, and even work together. Or enter Coding Invaders support groups. Every student becomes a part of one, goes through a course with their coworkers and introduces projects with them.

5. Start with small projects

When you learn tools and create a portfolio, the best thing you should do next is to test new skills in the real world. It’s better to start with little tasks and, step by step, increase the load and complexity. This way you will not only get a close look at the industry, but also get some experience and create your vision.

Coding Invaders’ courses solve all of these problems. Our mentors will create a career track for you, will help you make a portfolio, expand your network, and start a successful career. Choose your course right now!